Download MS Office 2016 Activator

Are you the one who want to have Microsoft office in your system and you need help? So here are the solutions available about how Office 2016 activator could be downloaded and activate Ms office? and lead to office 2016 in your use.

Since the technology advancement is being necessary to adopt for working class people. Microsoft is playing an essential role in the software industry. Majority office work is dependent on Microsoft office and for those new versions of Microsoft office has been launching over the time. Every new version has a bit different from the last version, having some new features. The latest version of Microsoft office is 2016. To have Microsoft office in your system, office 2016 activator is here.

office 2016 activator download

List of Office Activators to Download

There are three main offices 2016 activator which also can be used for previous office versions. You may hear the names before but most of the people are not aware that they are called office activators. The activators are used to activate Microsoft office in your Desktop PC or Laptop.  We will be discussing the methods step by step how to use activators for Microsoft office? The three main activators are,

  • Microsoft Toolkit
  • KMSpico
  • KMS auto

1. Microsoft Toolkit

This is the most reliable and trusted activator for Microsoft Office and Windows. Microsoft Toolkit 2.6.7 is the latest version to activate latest office versions and Windows. It can activate Windows 7, 8, 10 and Microsoft office 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016).

There will be 99% chances of MS office activation once you download and install Microsoft toolkit in your system. If you are installing Windows via MS toolkit so you will be receiving windows update from Microsoft officials.

How to activate MS toolkit?

  1. First, you need to deactivate Windows Anti-virus
  2. Download MS toolkit by the official website
  3. Click on the .exe file twice then select the product to activate.
  4. After downloading, start installing it in your PC or Laptop where you wish to activate MS office
  5. Restart the system
  6. Now MS toolkit is activated in your system and you can activate MS Office or Windows.

Recommendations for MS toolkit:-

Microsoft toolkit is an official website and we recommend downloading the toolkit from here. The other unofficial websites where MS toolkit downloading is available possesses infection. For clean and malware free downloading, go on the official MS toolkit website and you can have latest and up-to-date versions from the official website.   

2. KMS Auto Activator:

Have you installed new MS office 2016 and now worried about its activation? This is not a big deal now! KMS Auto activator is here to help you.  KMS Auto is capable to activate MS Office of any version. It is free of cost and legal to use.

Basically, KMS is a server and KMS stands for Key Management services. If you want you MS office to be activated permanently, you can add the schedule in the list of task. The KMS server will be reactivated and you will get MS products activation for the long term.

How to install KMSAuto activation for MS Office 2016?

  • To download KMS Auto, you will be required for .NET Framework installed in your system. (.Net Framework 4.5)
  • If you are facing any problem in downloading process. Turn off the windows anti-virus temporarily. Turn off Windows Defender in Windows 10.
  • Then download the KMS Auto activator from Official website
  • Start KMSAuto file as administrator
  • Tap on the activation button and activate office to enjoy full use of MS office 2016

Recommendation for KMSAuto

KMS auto activator is safe and reliable for your Desktop PC or laptop. It is also safe for your windows programs. It does not contain any infection. It is a user-friendly activator. It is best for those who want to reactivate it for permanent activation of MS office.

3. KMSPICO Activator

Like above two activators, it is almost the same but an extra option for you to have it as MS office or Windows activator. It has almost the same features like the above two.  Here is the step by step method to activate it,

Download KMSPico from any reliable source. Many reliable sources are available on the internet

  • Download sofware fom 
  • Install the file
  • Run the file after installation, the red button will appear.
  • Once the red button appears, it means the installation has been done.
  • Now click the red button and your MS Office or Windows will be activated permanently.